Nikolai Arsentiev is an Software Engineer specializing in back-end development and DevOps. Passionate about photography and discovering new places, he never misses an opportunity to travel and capture his vision of the world with his trusty Nikon D610.
Born in Russia and raised in Spain, Nikolai spent some years studying in Japan. At present he lives and works in Tokyo.

Current position

Chief Engineer: SRE & Security

Development and operation of Airfunding crowdfunding platform.

Nikolai’s work on server-side systems ranges from development and maintenance of Ruby on Rails codebases and microservices in Go and Node.js to design of relational and NoSQL databases.

Skilled in both Android and iOS native mobile app development, Nikolai made sizable contributions to the following apps:

From building CI/CD pipelines and managing container orchestration systems to improving reliability of globally available services, Nikolai has extensive experience working with IaaS and PaaS offerings of Google Cloud Platform and other providers.

Being responsible for all security facets of a start-up, Nikolai has a strong knowledge covering diverse areas such as network access control, data protection and fraud prevention.


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